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Elisa Brunells, Earring Store in Barcelona

Are you searching for that unique piece to complement your style and speak for you? In the Elisa Brunells earring store, located in Barcelona, we understand that every detail matters. We know you want to feel special and avoid the worry of matching someone else’s accessory. Isn’t it true that you seek quality and exclusive design in your earrings?

Our fashion-savvy customers find the expression of their personality in our collection of round earrings, long earrings, and hoop earrings. Do you prefer the timeless elegance of silver earrings or the boldness of a contemporary design? At Elisa Brunells, each pair of earrings is a work of art waiting to adorn your presence.



Quality is our promise, and silver is our canvas. At Elisa Brunells, we meticulously select materials for our silver earrings, employing techniques like oxidations and cold enamels to ensure a flawless and lasting finish. Laminated resin adds a touch of modernity and lightness, perfect for those seeking comfort without sacrificing style.

Each pair of earrings tells a story—what will yours be? Long earrings speak of sophistication and boldness, while round earrings whisper delicacy and femininity. And for lovers of classics, our hoop earrings in Barcelona are the symbol of timeless chic.

At Elisa Brunells, you don’t just acquire an accessory; you invest in a piece of identity. Are you daring enough to discover the earrings that will resonate with your essence? Visit us and find the perfect pair that has been waiting for you.

Design process of our earrings


Are you looking for that unique piece that enhances your style and makes you feel special? In Elisa Brunells’ earring store, we understand your desires and fears when choosing the perfect accessory. We know you’re looking for quality and design, but also that you fear the earrings won’t fit your dynamic and versatile lifestyle. Here, each pair of earrings is a promise of comfort and elegance, a work of art that accompanies your everyday life.

Our collection of round earrings and long earrings is designed for the contemporary woman who moves between work meetings, social events, and leisure moments. Do you prefer the nobility of silver earrings or the boldness of hoop earrings? At Elisa Brunells, each choice is a success. With the signature of Elisa Brunells, each piece reflects a creative evolution, a hallmark that sets us apart in Barcelona and beyond.

All pieces are made by Elisa Brunells, meaning that the evolution of the collections also corresponds to a creative evolution of the artist who gives her name to the brand. Our earrings are comfortable and easy to wear on all occasions. In our collections, you can find pieces of various sizes and styles, for different personalities. All jewelry is created in Barcelona, and it is reflected in the result and urban, simple, and design style.

Are you worried about not finding the perfect pair? Let Elisa Brunells dispel your doubts. With a variety ranging from delicate round earrings to striking long earrings, our earring store in Barcelona is the ultimate destination for those seeking quality and exclusivity. Because here, each pair of earrings is not just an accessory, it is an extension of your personality.

Come and discover how our earrings can transform any outfit and elevate your confidence. Because at Elisa Brunells, we don’t just sell earrings, we offer experiences that endure

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Elisa Brunells Earrings, assured elegance


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