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About Us


Barcelona 1972 – In 1995, after completing her studies in jewelry making, Elisa Brunell took her skills into the professional ambit: Brunell creates small sculptures for the body, shapes that tell a story, that inspire the person wearing them to invent their own imaginary tales about each piece.

They are all hand made with a strong artistic bent that, together with the quality of the product, make them unique and unforgettable pieces.

The value of her work becomes apparent when it forms a part of the person to whom it belongs and by the personal meaning that each piece acquires as it accompanies them in their everyday life. With the passing of time they only seem to gain more value, become more enriched.

The strength of her pieces is the result of a unique vision and an unremitting dedication to the task on a daily basis. They are created and produced in Barcelona, a fact that is clearly reflected in her work. The formal and conceptual balance of each piece of jewelry, alongside the high quality of materials used, make each one totally unique and unexpected, unlike anything else in the market today.

Flassaders 36­−38 08003 Barcelona
T. 933 100 123